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The Earth is a miraculous planet. Through its life forms its minerals are joined with the energies of the cosmos. Photosynthesis and carbon 14 are two of the more obvious examples. Plants feed animals, animals make manure, and all of it eventually feeds microorganisms and becomes fertile soil. This is where the “marriage” of the earth and the cosmos is preserved and the soil is also the foundation of further life. It is our philosophy that it is important for us as human beings to help create and preserve the soil and to assist it through proper agriculture to create new life. This stewardship is a way for us to participate in a positive and meaningful way in the miraculous planet that is Earth. It is a source of fulfillment and joy.

We also believe that we as human beings have evolved in all cultures and locations with the wisdom of plant-based medicine.  All plants grow with the same earth and cosmos from which to integrate their physical structure, but each selects according to its unique genetic code and creates its structure accordingly.   Since the dawn of the human race, there have been individuals attuned to the differences of each plant and how it can help to heal or balance conditions of the human body.  We believe that to participate in this endeavor is also a meaningful way to participate in the Earth and that it is also a source of fulfillment and joy.


It follows from our philosophy that our mission is to bring together kindred spirits for the purpose of, 


Healing the Earth and Ourselves
One Drop at a Time

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