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CBD Mocktail

in four styles:
Aperitif, Digestif, Gin, and Julep

A great way to:

  • take the edge off at the end of the day 

  • to make a glass of water more fun when you’re out to dinner with friends 

  • add to sparkling water and a glass of ice for a cool refreshing drink or 

  • to continue enjoying an event without adding too much alcohol 

Our CBD Mocktail relaxes the body, takes the edge off the nerves and satisfies many of the enjoyable aspects that people look for when we go out for a drink. 

To enjoy: Put one half a dropper (½ ml)  in a 12 oz glass filled with water and ice will create a flavorful refreshing drink. Add more flavors, sweetener, and garnish of your liking: a lemon twist, fresh ginger, a sprig of rosemary or mint, a drop of honey.


Our CBD Mocktail tinctures are an easy and economical choice for end of the day relaxation. The bottle is a convenient size to slip into your pocket or purse to bring for a night out.


Our four CBD MOCKTAIL styles:

Gin: with Juniper Berry, Coriander and Lemon Zest. Juniper Berry has traditionally been used to support healthy joints and sore muscles.

Julep: with cool refreshing Peppermint

Aperitif: with Anise, sipped before a meal like Pernod or Anisette to stimulate the appetite

Digestif: with Orange Bitters for a flavorful drink to aid digestion after a meal



Available in 5.5 ml. 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz

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