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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Why do you say that CBD MENDO often works when others don’t?


We often hear this from a customer who has moved to another state and asks us to send our tincture.  “The ones I can get here just aren’t working for me.”   We also hear from a new customer in a store when we are doing a demo,  “I’ve tried CBD and it doesn’t work for me.”  Most of the time they end up buying our tincture after trying it.  “It really works”.   We hear the same thing over and over again from HABA staff in stores all over the state, as well as from practitioners all over the state who prefer to use our product.   Don’t pass up the chance to try this at no risk.  100% full refund for any reason whatsoever! 


Q.  Why do you offer such an open ended, unconditional refund policy? 


 Because we have learned that a high percent of people who try our product become regular users.  We get very few refund requests, and when we do, we are grateful to the person for giving us a try.


Q.  What is the suggested use to get the most benefit at the least cost?


4 to 5 drops on top of the tongue, ONE DROP AT A TIME, one or more times per day is effective for most people who want to use CBD and are looking for an effective and economical way to take CBD.   Because the alcohol goes directly into the blood stream through the capillaries in the tongue, and because the cannabinoids are micronized, the CBD travels in solution with the alcohol for immediate use in the body.


Q. Why do CBD oils require a larger dose and do not go directly into the blood stream?  


While CBD is soluble in oil, neither CBD nor oil is soluble in water (unlike alcohol).  For this reason, the CBD in an oil carrier must go through the digestive system to be processed and emulsified before it can be used by the body.  A lot is lost in the digestive system depending upon what else has been eaten,  whether the metabolism high or low at the time,  and a number of other factors.  This means that more cbd is needed, that finding your best dose is difficult,  and that it is not fast acting .

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