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Pine Needle Tonic

With Star Anise, Ashwagandha, CBD, CBG, and Moldovite

Available in 5.5 ml, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz sizes



Sugar Pine (a white pine)  and Douglas Fir –

Both are high in Suramin and Shikimic Acid.  Neither is on the list of toxic conifers or reports any history of affecting pregnancy. We responsibly and sustainably wildcraft our needles from pristine west coast forests.  We soak freshly harvested needles in organic cane alcohol and evaporate 95% of the alcohol at a low temperature over time.  This allows us to offer a tincture with 20 times the pine needle constituents without diluting any of the other ingredients. 


Star Anise (illicium verum)  (certified organic) is from the seed and pod of a shrub which grows in south western China. It is high in shikimic acid, quercetin, linalool, anethole, gallic acid, and limonene


CBD:CBDa and CBG:CBGa rich hemp flowers. Our flowers are certified organic and cultivated with regenerative farming practices.  Our CBD source, Lane Creek Hemp Farm was the 2019 winner of the Regenerative Farming Award. 

CBDa and CBGa are the acid forms of these two cannabinoids which are found in the raw, natural, state of the flowers.

CBD and CBG are the “activated” forms of these two cannabinoids which have been systematically and carefully  “roasted” to convert them to a non-acid form which brings out many beneficial attributes which are not found in the acid form.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) (certified organic)  is an annual evergreen shrub from India and the Middle East. A tonic herb  frequently used in both eastern and western support the body in a long list of ways  It has been used in ayurvedic preparations for over 3000 years and works synergistically with many herbs and minerals. There is some possibility that it should be avoided by women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and by persons with autoimmune disease. The studies are weak and the advice of your healthcare professional should be consulted in these cases. 


Moldavite, A mineral have been used for thousands of years in both the East and West.  Our moldavite has been alchemically prepared by Dr. Gerald Cohen in a long process involving a considerable group of people and his special knowledge.  5% of all sales which include this moldavite will be donated to the Center For The Healing Arts in Menlo Park, California to support the important work and research of Dr. Cohen.



Take 5-6 drops ON TOP (not under) the tongue letting each drop absorb before the next is taken. Repeat three or more times/day.  It is recommended that an increase in dosage is achieved by greater frequency rather than taking more than the 5-6 drops at one time.

At the request of our customers, especially health care practitioners, we have  used our time proven classic tincture techniques to create a highly bioavailable delivery system for our unique Pine Needle Tonic. 

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