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Sleep Forte

A strong sleep aid to support healthy, deep sleep.

It features CBN, the “sleep cannabinoid”,

plus CBD and select herbs.


Pharmaceutical Grade 96% grape alcohol*, Sun-grown, regeneratively farmed, whole CBN rich hemp Flowers *, whole CBD hemp flowers* rich in terpenes and flavonoids, Ashwagandha*, California Poppy *, Valerian*, Scullcap*,  and Chastetree berry* (precursor to melatonin), debittered stevia*.



Suggested Use

At bedtime, take 4-5 drops, one drop at a time ON TOP  of (NOT UNDER) the tongue. For a stronger dose, take 4-5 drops every 15 minutes as often as needed leading up to bed time. Sleep Forte is fast acting therefore it is sufficient to wait 15 minutes between doses.

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